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Critically Approved
"Hypership Out Of Control is as brilliant on handsets as it was on consoles, and is arguably better suited for quick and frequent high score runs during long commutes. Highly recommended!"
Indie Game Of The Week
    - dealspwn.com

"Blessed with an incessant one-more-go appeal, multiple gameplay modes and even global online leaderboards, Hypership will have you quite happy to live in the past for the duration."
9 out of 10
    - EuroGamer

"VolChaos is the best game I have ever played."
10 out of 10
    - William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States

The Music of Fun Infused Games

About Us
Fun Infused Games was founded to create games that are, above all else, fun to play. We exploded onto the Indie game scene with the release of our smash hit Nasty and forever changed the face of the video game industry. Not content to rest on our laurels (or really sure what laurels are), Fun Infused Games has continued to release hit after hit, garnering Fun Infused Games international fame, fortune, and notoriety.

With legions of ravenous fans and a nearly limitless cash flow funded by shady business dealings and illegal beet trafficking, Fun Infused Games is currently sitting atop the video game world and poised to crush all those who attempt to defeat them.
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