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Going forward all DEV LOG entries can be found here on gamasutra.com. Leaving this page up for archival purposes.

Date 2/4/2015 by Fun Infused Games   (0)

Less than two weeks ago, Hypership Out of Control was Greenlit on Steam and as of yesterday, VolChaos has been too. This is exciting news, it isn't very often not just one but two of your titles is Greenlit. VolChaos took a long time (I put it on Greenlight shortly after the Greenlight program started) but what counts is that it made it through.

VolChaos is currently on Desura.com and itcho.io but I'm thinking (as long as Sony doesn't object) that I should bring the same enhanced version of VolChaos to Steam that I am bringing to PS4. It would be really cool to do a dual launch on PS/PS4. I'm not really sure what the approval process for PS4 or Steam is (I've heard Sony is difficult) so that could potentially make a dual release difficult but it is something that I'd like to try for.

I'm going to prioritize VolChaos on Steam over Hypership. Even though Hypership was approved first, I've been working a lot on VolChaos these past months and it feels more ready for the PC Steam treatment. Also Hypership will need more work with online leaderboard functionality so I'd rather hold off on that for a bit, VolChaos subsequently would be an easier Steam port.

No deadlines on any of these, but I want to get them out as quickly as I can. Our next closest game on Steam Greenlight now is Abduction Action! but that is still a long, long ways off and without a current PC release, it isn't something we've been pushing people to vote up.

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