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Going forward all DEV LOG entries can be found here on gamasutra.com. Leaving this page up for archival purposes.

Date 5/16/2014 by Fun Infused Games   (0)

Our first about 10 games were released on Xbox Live Indie Games, then WP7, iOS, and Ouya followed. One area I’ve yet to tackle is PC, until now (well, until soon). Working on these other platforms (besides iOS), there was a single screen resolution to work with and the install packages required for distribution were relatively simple. There was also generally one hardware platform to support. PC is a very different beast, millions of hardware and software configurations, multiple screen resolutions, and no automated installer from the IDE (note Visual Studio does have something automatic built in but it doesn’t work very well in my experience). PC releases up until now have felt like a hassle and without being on Steam, I’ve heard from several developer friends that sales aren’t very good. Largely for these few reasons, I’ve not focused on PC releases. For reasons that I’ll announce at a later date, it’s been a priority to get one of my games ready for PC though and I’ve finally really taken the plunge. Sometimes all it takes is a little third party push.

I’ve been porting my games to MonoGame for some time now, that’s the route I need to take to get them on Android platforms like Ouya, FireTV, and phones and tablets. I also was doing this with consideration for PC releases, as MonoGame has a lot fewer dependencies than XNA does when it comes to creating installers. You want to play my 25 meg XNA game? Sad to say you’ll need to install the .Net framework, XNA redistribution pack, the Windows Mega-Slow Update 2034, this week’s update to Java and Flash, and a handful of other items (or maybe just those first two). If you didn’t already have the prerequisites, it made for a very long install for a very small game, long enough that I even found some gamers gave up on playing the game (I did release some demo PC games once upon a time).

Hypership Out of Control (based on the XBLIG version but with a few improvements) will be my first PC release, ideally within the next month. VolChaos will be my next release since it is pretty close to ready too (about a year ago I spent a month or two preparing a PC port before starting on some other projects). What game of ours would you like to see ported next?

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