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Going forward all DEV LOG entries can be found here on gamasutra.com. Leaving this page up for archival purposes.

Date 1/15/2015 by Fun Infused Games   (0)

Last night I released the VolChaos PC 1.3 update for PC. You can get it from either of the two links below for $1.99 (the itch.io link also has a free 10 level demo if you just want to try it out).
Note: At the time of this post, you may need to use the “Full Zip” link to get the 1.3 version, the Release link still seems to be showing 1.0.


And if you'd like to see us on Steam, stop by here and vote us up!
This is far and away the biggest update I’ve done to VolChaos since its release. Most of these changes came about because I wanted to really improve the game for its PS4 release and it was simpler to debug/test while running the PC version so PC users now get to benefit from these changes too. I’ll detail all the changes further below, but first I wanted to show off a short playthrough of the 1.3 release.

So what’s new with this version? Plenty and not just cosmetic.
  • New enemies
    There are two new enemies with two behavior variations that have been added to the game. The first is a happy looking flame that jumps back and forth or up and down. The second is a wisp flame that chases the player (normal orange and faster blue variations). These have been added in spots throughout the game to make it more fun or challenging.

  • New artwork
    The backgrounds have been improved in all the levels as well as some structural cosmetic changes to the look of the levels. I think the 1.3 version looks significantly better than the blocky previous versions.

  • Updated levels
    Every single level in the game (all 42) has been updated in some form or fashion. I’ve generally updated the levels to flow better and avoid spikes in difficultly that were previous present. I’ve played a lot of the old levels over the past four years and have learned a thing or two about VolChaos levels since I originally made them.

  • Player movements
    I made three changes to how the player moves. First, I added deceleration to the player if they are jumping and stop pressing directions (previously you would continue in that direction unless you pressed the opposite direction). This allows for much more precise jumping. Second, now when you’re running, you will jump higher than from a standstill. This changes how you can progress through levels since running can now let a longer and higher jump than from a standstill. Finally I added "phantom jumping". This basically means that in the split second after you run off an edge, you can press jump and you'll jump even though technically you're off the edge. While this is completely unrealistic, its something that makes the game feel better. There is little else worse in a game than feeling cheated and phantom jumping prevents situations where you feel like you did press jump but still went off the edge.

Let me know in the comments below of what you think about the new version! Stay tuned for even more VolChaos updates when the PS4 version releases later this year. The PS4 version will feature everything in the 1.3 PC release plus a slew of new levels and other PS4 specific features (like Trophies).

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