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Going forward all DEV LOG entries can be found here on gamasutra.com. Leaving this page up for archival purposes.

Date 10/7/2014 by Fun Infused Games   (0)

I haven’t been too vocal about what I’ve been up to lately but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Sometimes when you’re doing a lot of things, it takes longer for each thing to get done, I think that’s kinda why it seems quiet around here when really behind the scenes it has been anything but. Going forward, I am going to try and do these “Fun Update” pieces every week or two, just so you don’t forget about us (I believe that’s the same reason Dr. Dre started his blog too).

PC Releases
The biggest, most vocal recent news happening with Fun Infused Games has been the release of two of our titles on PC, Hypership Out of Control and VolChaos. You can get them both on Desura.com or itch.io for $1.99 US each. I’ve also got the wheels spinning on having VolChaos in an upcoming bundle with several other games, expect more news on that in the next week. PC sales so far have been really low but the bundle sales of VolChaos should pretty much make that a worthwhile port and could even promote the game enough that it will pass through Greenlight and I’ll be able to release it on Steam. I’ll be looking into getting my games in other bundles in the near future as well as this seems like the most surefire way to sell games on the PC.

I’ve also done some early work on the PC port of Abduction Action! Plus. Eventually I’d also like to get Bad Caterpillar and 2D Voxel Madness on the PC too. Once I have five PC games released, I could even do my own Fun Infused Games bundle.

PS4 Work
I’ve got my PS4 dev kit setup and figured out how to deploy stuff to it. I’m running into a few issues still but I feel like I’m very, very close to having a playable game and then will just have to iron out bugs and PS4 specific issues. My previous PC and Ouya ports were all done with MonoGame thus making these much easier to port to PS4 also using MonoGame.

My first PS4 release will be an enhanced version of VolChaos (it will probably be subtitled something to indicate that, like VolChaos: Huge Sales Edition or VolChaos: The Reason to buy a PS4 Edition or VolChaos: Please Buy this Game because the Developer has a Family to Feed). I’ve chosen this as my first PS4 release over other titles because I think this is a title well suited to a console and because it doesn’t have many (any?) network sharing features (like online high scores) that would complicate my first PS4 release. I want to try and keep it simple on my first foray on the Sony platform. Enhancements to VolChaos will include new levels, new graphics, and potentially some new enemies and mechanics. Additionally I’ll tweak some of the levels to make the game more playable (I already did this on a few of the earlier levels of the PC port as some of the early levels were either strange or overly difficult).

I will likely do enhanced versions of the other titles I ported to PC after that. Once I get those out of the way, I will focus on new releases, likely exclusive to the PS4 platform. I may someday do Xbox One games as well, but only once they support MonoGame and only if it makes sense. While Sony isn’t requiring me to be exclusive with any releases, I got the impression they’ll put more effort into promoting my games if I am. I like the idea of sticking with one platform too as I find working on new titles much more interesting than doing ports of existing ones. If my titles sell well on PS4, I’m just going to keep making new games for PS4.

New Games
Besides working on ports and business dealings lately, I’ve also put a lot of work into a new release. I’m not ready to announce anything yet, mainly because I’m using Super Mario World placeholder artwork right now and that doesn’t lend well to screen shots or videos to show off, but it’s something I’m pretty excited about. It’s a pretty big project, the scope is my biggest to date, so it is still a long way off from release. I might backburner it for a while too, as I would like to get Hypership Out of Control 2 released as well. As much as I’d like to do a big release, I also don’t want to go years between releases either. My last completely original new title was Bad Caterpillar in February of 2013.

Speaking of Hypership Out of Control 2, I originally was designing this game with mobile platforms in mind, but I think I’m going to change it to focus on PC or PS4 instead. My Mac hardware has unfortunately aged to a point where I cannot effectively (or possibly at all) develop games anymore and it would require a big monetary investment to purchase a new Mac and a new testing device (iPod or iPad). Given the poor sales of Hypership Still Out of Control on iOS and the general malaise towards paid mobile games these days, mobile is no longer a platform that excites me. Like XBLIG and Ouya before it, I’m cutting the cord on mobile.

In Closing…
There is a lot going on with Fun Infused Games. Overall 2013 and 2014 have been kinda quiet years for our little game company but the tail end of 2014 and 2015 show a lot of promise, from our first PS4 releases to the release of the sequel to our most acclaimed title to date. Stay tuned to this website and follow us on twitter at @FunInfused for the latest updates and occasionally witty banter.

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